6 ways to raise your blog above the noise

raise your blog above the noiseHere is some advice on differentiating your blog so that it is memorable and develops a following.

The good news is that a lot of people are heeding content marketing advice and writing original content for their websites. The bad news is that a lot of people are blogging and the blogosphere is getting very crowded.

You might think that other people are writing better content than you and therefore blogging is just a waste of your time. Hopefully, this post will convince you otherwise. And, contrary to popular belief, being on the first page of Google search returns isn’t essential to finding and growing an audience. In fact, it’s hard to get on the first page without developing an audience first!

New research shows that Saturday morning is the best time of the week to post new content. Click To Tweet

Raise your blog above the noise

  1. Name your blog. Pick a name that your target audience will appreciate and identify with. I once named a blog focused on the trade show industry The Powerstrip.  [XX] Matters is a clever play on words that you might consider using as you name your blog.
  2. Make it easy for readers to share your content. We really like the WordPress plugin Highlight and Share which encourages readers to tweet content. Click to Tweet is a similar plugin, but doesn’t allow the user to choose a specific passage to be tweeted.
  3. Publish on the same day(s) of the week. New research shows that Saturday morning is the best time of the week to post new content if you want social media shares and comments.
  4. Link your latest content to past content. This will encourage readers to engage on a deeper level and will improve SEO. There are several plugins that make this easy.
  5. Contact other bloggers who write on the same subjects as you and propose to them that you guest blog on each other’s sites. This will increase readership for both parties.
  6. Get analytical. It’s easy enough to install Google analytics on your website so that you can determine which posts generate the most interest among readers. With that information in mind, write more posts of the type that are most popular.

Please resist the temptation to plagiarize content and repost it as your own. This is bad because:

  • It’s unethical
  • It is hard to keep a secret. Search engines often expose cheaters in organic search returns, making it obvious to the target audience.  
  • Search engines penalize sites that cheat.

By the way, don’t worry about press releases that get published on many websites. The search engines are smart enough to know that this is not plagiarism.

Please consider implementing this advice sooner than later.  Why not commit to giving your blog a name THIS WEEK?

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