5 great resources for researching and buying domain names

open-doorA significant number of our clients are startups.  Many of them contact us for help with very basic marketing efforts (logos, tag lines, domain names).  Keep in mind that you can (and perhaps should) register more than one.  They are so cheap that you shouldn’t waste time debating which of the available names is best – register all of the good ones and we’ll use the best for your website and point the rest to it.

When it comes to domain names, we have a few favorite tools that we use to research and secure the very best names for our clients.

  1. DomainTyper (domain name search) has earned the top position on our list.  Before it existed, we used to keep three or four browser windows open to accomplish what’s possible via this one app.
  2. We are fond of NameMesh for generating name ideas.  Think of this simple but useful utility as a brainstorming appendage.  Some of our best ideas came via domain name generators.  In fact, through NameMesh we discovered, much to our surprise, that some amazing names that we never would have guessed were available actually were.
  3. Our first choice for WordPress web hosting is SiteGround.  It is specifically configured (optimized) to run the WordPress core software and its speedy page load times reflect this.  Unfortunately, you cannot register your domain name(s) on this site.
  4. For domain name purchases, we prefer 1and1.com.
  5. When the perfect name is taken, you can look up owner information (complete with contact information) on WhoIs.  Note that DomainTyper links directly to Whois (Nice!)


  1. We’re not exactly sure why so many domain names are for sale in the secondary market given that there were 271 million registered domain names and 950 million websites as of this writing!  It has to be subdomains, right?  Anyway, if the perfect name was registered but is not in use, there is a good chance that you can buy it.  We purchased buzzquake.com and own more than 100 names all of which we would sell for the right price.  Our favorite domain name brokers are Sedo and Buy Domains.  Warning: domain name trading can become addictive.  What other intellectual property can be purchased for as little as $7/year?
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