3 reasons why you need to suck it up and start writing

hummingbirdListen up, people.  It’s time to start writing.

  1. The new Google search algorithm, named Hummingbird because it’s “precise and fast,” devalues keywords and links and favors original content.  In fact, it not only prefers original content, but it also penalizes sites that plagiarize other people’s writing.  It’s starting to dawn on folks that they have to start expressing themselves if they want to keep pace in organic search.  Think about that.
  2. Yesterday, LinkedIn started allowing all 277 million of its regular users to publish longer posts to their LinkedIn profiles.  Before this change, only LinkedIn “influencers” (celebrities) were allowed to post high-word-count ramblings.  By the way, influencers garnered on average more than 30,000 views and 80 comments per post.  Why the change?  Writing is the future of the web.  LinkedIn sees the writing on the wall (pun me) and would rather be the keeper of the content than a jump station comprised of a collection of links to other sites where good content lives.  Think about that.
  3. Two years ago, Nielsen reported that over 27 million pieces of content were being shared every day.  That volume has surely increased since.  Obviously, sharing is incredibly important in terms of traffic.  In fact, 90 percent of users choose what they read because it was shared with them.  And guess what gets shared the most?  Yep.  Well-written, original content.  One interesting side note is that longer content tends to get shared a bit more than shorter pieces.  Think about that.

Better yet, write about that.

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